Different Market Places to Sell Your Website

Sale to the right customer your website

Your website has many places to sell but not all of them are made equal. An online platform may be great for cheaper cost websites, so if you have a bigger website you may want to suggest employing a skilled domain broker to offer the domain on your behalf.

Flippa selling your website:

Flippa is one of the website's most famous and popular websites. They were one of their first market places and have a huge number of purchasers.


Flippa is currently the company selling websites. Simple to mention with several possible purchasers on the retail market.


Flippa 's issue is that selling the site on it can be exhausted and frustrating because it is too accessible. Specifically:

  1. You will get a lot of pneumatic messages
  2. You can get bogus deals
  3. You may get scammers and spammers that waste time

I even wrote an essay about Flippa 's alternatives, as it's getting worse. Just know that if you list yourself with Flippa you could get a lot of wasters of time.

Empire Flippers as your website Seller:

Empire Flippers is more of a curated marketplace and you need to undergo a relatively rigorous screening process to sell the product here.

The downside of this is that after all of the information on the website has been given, they handle the rest.

In order to even see the website URL, customers need to pay a fee so it totally eliminates the time wasters you'd be having on marketplaces like Flippa.

You need up to $1,000 a month in net income to sell with Empire Flippers and they do list for sellers on a pretty good multiple.

That's a lot better choice than Flippa if your website makes enough to apply.

Sale to FE International:

FE International is the largest broker website and the industry's most well-known. They're far more ambitious than Empire Flippers.

You will note that they use more business terms like Seller Discretionary Earnings (SDE) and that's because their customer list is usually higher than Empire Flippers.

Purchasers must sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) before viewing the website prospectus, and include their legal name and address – another perfect way to stop wasters of time.

Websites available on Empire Flippers are, in my experience, somewhat poorer quality than those available on FE International (although there are exceptional cases).

In the website brokering company FE also has an impressive selling rate and proven track record over many years.

Selling your Website to a private buyer:

You'll probably choose a marketplace or a broker when you start on the journey to sell your website – it's just the easiest option.

However, if you have a bunch of websites, and buy and sell a lot of them, you'll actually get a pretty decent website buyers contact list to sell to.

It is priceless because then you have a clear contact line with interested buyers.

This is advantageous, because:

  1. Users won't have to pay a premium for the listing
  2. Users won't have to pay dealer fees of 15 percent or more
  3. Whether they have bought before, the customer is already warm to you.

We can make sales even easier and make more money if you negotiate directly with a customer you've never worked with.

Even if it's a new customer that you find by searching your website's competitors if you use a safe payment method (as discussed below) the process can still be faster and just as reliable.

It is my favorite method of selling a product-but over the years I have built a list of customers.

Payment methods used to market your product

When you have the article so far out, well done! The final step in selling your website is the most exciting of all-get charged!

Having said and done the negotiations and due diligence and handover of documents and back and forth, making the payment is a fairly simple process.


Try Escrow.com as your market place for your website

If you sell for a small sum (less than $1000) or a previous client, Escrow.com is a no-brainer.


And this is how it works:

  1. Establish transaction
  2. Sellers and buyers agree to the terms and conditions of the contract
  3. Purchaser must deposit the money to sell
  4. Escrow.com confirms fund reception
  5. The owner (you) start moving all properties to the buyer
  6. The vendor states the move was done
  7. Transfer from buyer indicates completed
  8. Purchaser inspection cycle starts (usually 14-30 days)
  9. After the customer is happy they approve the transaction
  10. The funds are paid out to the seller


Because a third party keeps the money in escrow, it's a very safe mechanism that protects you as the seller, as well as the buyer.

The review period gives the customer time to take care of the site on their own hosting and to change any ads, affiliate links, product sales accounts so they can check the earnings in real-time.

There is a charge for Escrow.com but it is so small that in my opinion, it is worth it for any transaction over $1,000.

Also, if you have the buyer's background, they may trust you enough to move the funds directly to your bank account and then transfer the money, but Escrow.com is the ticket for most website sellers.

You now learn how to market your content

The essay is the culmination of ten years of experience in which I buy and sell websites.

There are also more ways to market the website, many paths to try, and new ideas that I haven't seen.

This approach has worked time and again for me, though. I like keeping my sales process on my website clear and easy to follow.